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I accept the Privacy Policy. Despite the fact that most people in China have accepted the modern Western wedding ceremony, the traditional Chinese wedding etiquette is still respected and kept today. According to legend, the earliest marriage and wedding rite began in the ages of Fu Hsi, a legendary emperor of ancient China, and Nuwa, a goddess in Chinese mythology and the Goddess of Marriage. The six wedding etiquette is the tedious process of wedding from match making, providing the date of birth and the birth hours, marriage proposal and engagement, sending the gifts, preparing, and finally the wedding ceremony. The three letters are the documentations of the six etiquettes: the letter of engagement, the list of gifts, and the letter of marriage used on the day of wedding ceremony. In ancient China, the marriage would be officially acknowledged only after finishing all these procedures. In the following dynasties of ancient China, the wedding etiquette may vary slightly, but the essence was retained, depending on the different traditions and social classes. For example, in Qing Dynasty, officers above the seventh rank complied with the 9 wedding etiquette, while the others usually had a simple wedding or followed the etiquette created by Zhu Xi, a famous Confucians master in Ming Dynasty. In nowadays, urban residents often have a wedding with both traditional Chinese etiquette and Western wedding elements.

Ancient Chinese Marriage Customs

In the middle is a horizontal piece of wood. Mount it on a string and twirl with a vibrating motion. It emits a humming sound. There is even a poem about it.

The time, when the night falls, was regarded by ancient Chinese people as an The six wedding etiquette is the tedious process of wedding from match making,​.

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One of longest traditions of matchmaking is in Jewish communities in Eastern Europe and Russia, with the height of this tradition occurring in the Middle Ages. There, a professional matchmaker, known as a shadkhan plural shadkanim , had an extremely important profession because of the relative isolation of the small communities and the fact that courtship was actually frowned upon. Search this site. The Young Woman. The Parents. Matchmaker Number One.

from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have concluded that the modern-day Daur people have a genetic match to the Qidan of ancient China, making them.

There, a professional matchmaker, known as a shadkhan plural shadkanim , had an extremely important profession because of the relative isolation of the small communities and the fact that courtship was actually frowned upon. The idea of matchmakers did not, of course, begin with this fairy tale. In fact, the professional matchmaker has been a feature of many different societies the world over which have, at one time or another, preferred arranged marriages.

In some cultures arranged marriages are still preferred and many families find it necessary to hire an intermediary, a matchmaker, who will be more acquainted with a larger variety of eligible young people and thus be able to make a match where both sides are satisfied. Footnotes, for purposes of web page presentation, are inserted into the text shortly after the point of citation.

Chinese characters are returned to simplified form red , since the research was largely conducted in mainland China. However for names of people or places in Taiwan, they are also provided in traditional form blue. Tone marks have been restored for all Chinese words, although omitted by the original editors as incompatible with the Academia Sinica style sheet.

One morning he arrived looking pale and agitated.


Official matchmakers became more professional, appointed by the government and even with certificates of authority later in the Yuan Dynasty And in the Qing Dynasty , there were many such matchmakers in Xinjiang, where large numbers of male criminals and farmers were sent for land reclamation. And to help them settle down, official matchmakers would help them find spouses. Yet not all of them were lucky enough to marry someone, due to the small number of women in the area.

Ancient Chinese still had certain freedoms to get married with people they liked, rather than being completely manipulated by their parents or government.

activity: Matching game. Match the ancient style with the modern character. Ancient China: Making a “Bamboo” Scroll at Marie’s Pastiche. Fine tip markers.

According to one ancient tale, your love life has already been determined by Yue Lao and his red strings. What really matters is whether your ankles are tied to theirs with a red string, invisible to human eyes. According to this tale, who you fall in love with was decided the moment you were born. The tale begins with young scholar Wei Gu, who one day decided to visit his friend in Qinghe. On the way, he stayed at an inn.

Wei and Zhang made an appointment to meet at the gate of a temple early the next day to inform Wei whether the girl was interested. Wei awoke before sunrise to go and meet the matchmaker. But on his way there he met an old man with a white beard and hair, who was lying down on a bag and reading a book under the moon. He approached and asked what book it was. Naturally, Wei was skeptical.

Yangfan Zou — Exploring Chinese pragmatism—Matchmaking Corner

Chinese marriages are interesting affairs fused with unique customs and traditions. As is the case with most societies, in primitive times the concept of marriage did not exist. People of a single tribe did not have fixed spouses and they could have multiple sexual partners. Marriage in ancient Chinese culture went through a lot of changes.

Initially, people bearing the same surnames were allowed to get married, marriage between siblings was allowed too.

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It refers to single men and women who, having been introduced by a third party, get to know one another to decide if they are romantically compatible. In ancient China, matchmaking was an essential ritual. The wishes of individuals often played second fiddle to family concerns. While attitudes toward love and marriage have become freer since the early 20th century, matchmaking has continued to exist to this day.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Etiquette

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Matchmaking is an ancient profession and online matchmaking and mate-finding services abound today. But many no-nonsense aunty matchmakers meipo are still putting people together. Yao Minji delves into matchmaking – and emerges still single to tell us about it. Li Meihua meets a reporter in a small dim-sum eatery on Tianshan Road and gets down to business. She has no time for pleasantries.

The year-old auntie doesn’t even introduce herself before she fires off questions at prospective quarry. Women are dressed like a typical meipo in old China – wearing colorful clothes and exaggerated makeup, and having a large mole above the mouth in a parade to showcase the tradition of Chinese wedding ceremonies in this file photo. Where is it? How large is it?

Which floor is it? The retired civil servant has developed this rapid-fire method of information gathering from her hobby, her real passion, as a matchmaker, or meipo – mei means matchmaking and po refers to an old woman. She’s been at it for 30 years. In ancient times meipo was an important woman’s profession.

Yue Lao: The Matchmaking God

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In fact, the professional matchmaker has been a feature of many different societies In Disney’s film Mulan, a young Chinese girl who has never fit into her.

In China, marriage is considered to be one of the three most important things in one’s whole life. Traditionally, a whole wedding consists of 6 different steps in advance and then the wedding ceremony. At all times and in all countries, the wedding ceremony is considered to be the greatest ritual of anyone’s entire life. Although Chinese marriage customs are changing and developing all the time, the atmosphere created during the wedding is invariant – being ceremonious, enthusiastic, jubilant and auspicious.

The Chinese wedding ceremony first began at the end of the Prehistoric Times 1. During the Zhou Dynasty 11th— BC the more complex and ceremonial tradition of ‘six rites’ was recognized: presenting gifts to the girl’s family, knowing the girl’s general background, engagement, presenting betrothal gifts to the bride’s family, asking the fortuneteller to choose an auspicious day, and meeting the bride. This established the traditional Chinese marriage customs.

Thereafter, the wedding ceremony becomes even more colorful and lively. Because China comprises 56 ethnic groups, Chinese marriage customs are an important part of the country’s folk culture. Different ethnic groups have different marriage customs: During a wedding day in Bulang communities, the bride’s companions will steal the bridegroom and carry him off to the bride’s home at dawn and the bridegroom’s companions then carry off the bride to the bridegroom’s home at dark; for the Dai people, finding a mate by selling chicken soup is done at every festival: girls will stew a pan of chicken soup to sell.

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